Live2D Commission

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Art will include PSD parts ready for Live2D rig
Expressions included are: Blushing , Sad , Angry
Extra Expressions and motions will result in an additional fee.
*Art+Rig package is all done by me. If you are okay with simple rigging please let me know.
~I will only do rigging with my own art.


The prices listed below include commercial use.

Half-Body Model

Art only - $500 USD
Art + Rig - $800 USD

Full-body Model

Art only - $800 USD
Art + Rig - $1100 USD


1. UandMeems
2. Nummy

1. HimeChin **on hold
2. Panfuricus

Terms of Service


  • Live2D model prices include commercial fees. This include promotion in social media and profits gain from design. This does not include the rights to sell the art as merchandise. Please discuss with me further for merchandise commercial rights.

  • Payment will be through Paypal only. (only accepted currencies are USD) I’ll start working on the commission as soon as I receive the payment.

  • I have the right to decline any request and/or cancel a current commission (full refund if not yet started; if started there will be a fee for the already done work please keep that in mind)

  • Ill manners or impatience will not be tolerated.

  • I do not work under deadlines unless discussed which will result in fees.

  • I own the rights to post the finished commission on my social media/portfolio. If you want the commission to be private please let me know beforehand.

  • I won't make changes that are major upon requests. Small changes will result in a fee. (make sure to be clear with your reference and requests to avoid this from happening)

  • You will receive a PSD containing all the parts ready for Live2D rig. With the art and rig package, you will also receive a folder containing the PSD, .moc3 file, physics file, and motion files.

Delivery period and deadlines

Finishing the commission depends on your spot in the queue and the complexity of the commission, usually between 3 weeks to 3 months. If your commission wasn’t started within 2 months you can ask for a refund.

If the request is urgent there will be an additional fee (50% of the total price).

Refund / Cancellation

I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.
If I have not started the commission, the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission upon notice.


You are not allowed to sell the Live2D model or art as merchandise without it being discussed with me beforehand.

Do not claim this art as yours and please credit me (e.g. Twitter: @ceselaaa).

Contact Me

Email me the form below at [email protected]

Read my TOS before submitting a form

Please include a fully colored reference of the character including all details. If this isn't an option please include a detailed description and additional supporting images.

I own the right to decline any commission requests if I feel that it is unsuitable for my style.

I do not do NSFW, Mecha, Furries.
Complex designs will result in additional fees.

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Commission: Full-Body or Half-body ~ Art Only or Art+Rig


If you wish to see my other works/content:
Twitter: @ceselaaa
Twitch: Cesela
Instagram: @ceselaaa